Machzikei Hadass of Manchester Welcomes Harav Chaim Heimlich as Rosh Hadayanim

The packed Machzikei Hadass shul on Sunday evening, to welcome the new Dayan, Dayan Heimlich. (Lawrence Purcell)

Harav Chaim Heimlich, formerly of Melbourne, Australia, was appointed as the Rosh Hadayanim in Machzikei Hadass, Manchester. Harav Heimlich arrived in Manchester before Shabbos Shuvah, and was greeted formally by the kehillah at a kabbalas panim in Machzikei Hadass Shul. He will be overseeing the establishing of the Machzikei Hadass Beis Din which will be dealing with choshen mishpat and even haezer issues. This will be in conjunction with Harav Aharon Grinfeld and Harav Chaim Mordechai Zahn.

Dayan Chaim Heimlich Sunday evening addressing Machzikei Hadass Shul. (Lawrence Purcell)


Rabbi Chaim Feivel Schneebalg, welcoming Dayan Heimlich on behalf of his father, the mara d’Asra, Harav MM Schneebalg. (Lawrence Purcell)