Poll Shows Majority of Likud Voters Against Hamas Deal


The majority of Likud voters are opposed to the developing ceasefire agreement with Hamas, but their stance has not changed their minds about keeping Binyamin Netanyahu in the prime minister’s office. A poll by Walla News taken by the Panel4All organization shows that 41 percent of respondents who identified as Likud voters were opposed to any deal with Hamas, while 28 percent were in favor. Among all Israelis, 40 percent were in favor of the deal, and 27 percent opposed. The rest either didn’t know or had no opinion.

The poll also questioned respondents on whose position on security they prefer – Education Minister Naftali Bennett’s or Defense Minister Avigdor Liberman’s. In recent days, a fierce debate has broken out between the two over the Hamas deal, with Bennett accusing Liberman of supporting a deal that would place Israel in “grave danger,” and the defense minister accusing Bennett of “warmongering.” Among Likud voters, 49 percent took Bennett’s side, compared to 19 percent who supported Liberman. Among leftwing voters, 31 percent supported Liberman’s views, while just 19 percent were on Bennett’s side. Among voters who identified themselves as center, 35 percent were for Liberman, and 21 percent for Bennett.

The Likud remains the strongest political force according to the poll, which was taken on Monday and Tuesday using a scientifically determined representative sample of 597 Israelis of all political, religious and ethnic backgrounds. If elections were held this week, the Likud would get 33 seats in the Knesset. Following the Likud would be Yesh Atid, which would win 20 seats. Trailing far behind in third place is Zionist Camp, which would get just 12 seats, followed by Jewish Home and United Arab List, both with 11. Kulanu would get seven, as would UTJ, Yisrael Beytenu would get six, Meretz five, and Shas four. Also scoring would be a party led by former Yisrael Beytenu MK Orly Levy-Abukasis, which would get five seats.