Regional Briefs – February 25, 2018

Charges Dropped Against Hunter Who Shot Neighbor

MAYVILLE, N.Y. – Charges were dropped against a hunter who fatally shot a neighbor, Rosemary Billquist, whom he mistook for a deer, the Democrat & Chronicle reported. Thomas Jadlowski got the reprieve after the prosecutor improperly instructed the grand jury.

Suit Claiming Arrest for Police To Get Overtime Rejected

BROOKLYN – A store clerk who claimed he was arrested for the police officers to earn overtime had his civil rights lawsuit thrown out Friday, the New York Post reported. A jury ruled there was probable cause to arrest Hector Cordero, not “collars for dollars.” The four officers collectively claimed over 20 hours of overtime.

Appeals Court Upholds NYC Right to Limit Home Guns

NEW YORK – A federal appeals court on Friday upheld New York City’s law banning people with home handgun licenses from taking the guns out of their homes, The Associated Press reported. The 2nd U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals agreed that the law’s purpose was to protect residents.

City Tickets Excessive Honking In Support of Teachers Union

JERSEY CITY – Jersey City began issuing tickets to drivers who honk in support of ongoing teachers union protests, the Jersey Journal reported. Only drivers who lay on their horns and disturb residents get fined, not quick honks. The union offered to pay the tickets.

Cop Who Hit Suspect Suspended Without Pay

PISCATAWAY, N.J. – A police officer accused of striking a suspect detained for assault and then trying to cover it up was suspended Thursday without pay, The Associated Press reported. Officer Todd Ritter, 54, is due to make his initial court appearance March 15.