IDF Soldier Injured in Attempted Car Ramming Attack

An IDF soldier was lightly injured Friday when an Arab driver tried to run him down in the Jordan Valley. The incident occurred near Kasr al-Yahud, a popular tourist site along the Jordan River in the northern Jordan Valley.

IDF officials said that the vehicle driven by an Arab had received a permit to enter the tourist site. He passed through the entry gate but suddenly veered at high speed in the direction of soldiers, hitting one of them. Soldiers managed to halt the vehicle and arrest the Arab. The soldier was treated on site suffering from light injuries.

Meanwhile, IDF soldiers continued their efforts to arrest the terrorist gang responsible for the murder of Rabbi Raziel Shevach, H”yd. Soldiers on Friday arrested four Arabs in the village of Al-Yamoun, outside Jenin, confiscating equipment that may have been connected with the murder. The suspects were being questioned on their connection to the murder, the IDF said.