Rescued Long-Eared Owl Released in Central Park

owl Central Park, New York, owl
The injured owl Friday, being treated at the Wild Bird Fund. (Phyllis Tseng/Wild Bird Fund via AP)

Two workers for a company that normally treats birds as pests to be eradicated instead became saviors when they rescued a Long-eared owl that had struck a building in midtown Manhattan.

Barry Beck, vice president of the pest control company Assured Environments, and employee Paul Abbatantuono, spotted the owl lying on a 14th floor setback while responding to a call last week.

The pair wrapped the injured foot-long owl in a fleece jacket and brought her via subway to the Wild Bird Fund , a non-profit that rehabilitates sick and injured wildlife in New York City.

owl Central Park, New York, owl
The owl on Monday, after treatment before being released in Central Park. (Andrew Garn via AP)

After a couple of days of care, the owl was released in Central Park Monday under a supermoon.

Long-eared owls can be recognized by their distinctive ear tufts that point straight up like exclamation marks.

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