IDF Seizes Terror Money, Vehicles, Weapons From Families

(Illustrative, Abed Abed/Flash90)

IDF soldiers continued their accelerated campaign of seizing cash and assets from families of terrorists who received “bonuses” from the Palestinian Authority and Hamas for the actions of family members in murdering Jews. Soldiers seized tens of thousands of shekels in cash from families in the Chevron area who had received such payments. In addition to the cash, soldiers seized several vehicles belonging to families of terrorists.

The raid was a continuation of a campaign that began over the summer, in which the IDF targets terrorists who benefit from the policies of the Palestinian Authority to supply pensions and payments to the families of terrorists who carry out attacks against Israelis. Israeli officials believe that these payments encourage young Palestinians, who have few prospects, to carry out attacks, as they will be heralded as “heroes” among family and community members for their actions, and for providing money for their family.

One soldier was lightly injured during an IDF activity to seize cash in the Dehaishe refugee camp. He was treated on site and then taken to a hospital in Yerushalayim, the IDF said.

Also early Thursday, police and Border Guards seized weapons that were hidden in a vehicle driven by an Arab in Gush Etzion. The vehicle, with Israeli license plates, was driven by an Arab from Yerushalayim. Police said that there was a “great likelihood” that the weapons, which included a rifle, could be used to carry out terror attacks. “We will continue to operate in all relevant manners and methods to seize illegal weapons and to ensure that Israelis can live in safety and security,” police said in a statement.