NYC Law Requires Advance Notice Of Street Closures to Police, FDNY

NYC, Law, Advance Notice, Street Closures, Police, FDNY
Mayor Bill de Blasio on Thursday congratulates Councilman Chaim Deutsch after he signed his bill into law, in City Hall’s Blue Room.

Mayor Bill de Blasio signed into a law on Thursday a mandate that the city’s transportation agency provide advance notice of any street closures to the police and fire departments.

The law’s sponsor, Councilman Chaim Deutsch, said that when an emergency medical provider is responding to a 911 call, every second counts. When they are confronted by an unanticipated street closure, it can add minutes to their response time. Deutsch’s bill requires they be given two days warning before a full closure.

“With the signing of Intro 1311,” Deutsch said in a statement, “we have taken another step toward ensuring that our first responders are able to quickly answer emergency calls.”