Scores of Boro Park Streets to be Closed For Lag BaOmer Celebrations

Boro Park, Streets, Closed, Lag BaOmer, Celebrations

Two dozen streets and lanes across Boro Park will be closed on Motzoei Shabbos as kehillos mark the hilula of Rabi Shimon bar Yochai with bonfires and dancing.

Some of the bigger Lag BaOmer celebrations will take place on 16th Ave., with the streets between 46th and 47th closed for Karlin Stolin, and 48th and 49th for Nikolsburg. Several parts of 14th Ave. will have lane closures but the other lanes will be open for vehicular traffic.

The outdoor events are threatened by a nor’easter forecast to come through New York City, which will bring heavy rains and strong winds.

The stormy weather, still being debated by meteorologists, is expected to set in on Friday, with rains beginning early Shabbos morning. Conditions will turn gusty over the course of the day into the evening.

The weather is forecast to clear up on Sunday, when many yeshivos hold mini-fires for the children. However, there is the possibility of rain showers.

The weather improves after that, with temperatures reaching the high 60s Monday, moving into the 70s by Tuesday and hitting 80 by Thursday.

Other models show a slight rain on Shabbos and a dry, sunny Sunday.