Levayos for Two Teens Drowned in Kinneret

ZAKA personnel and rescue forces search at the scene of where three young men went missing at the Kinneret lake, last week. (Photo by Yaakov Lederman/Flash90)

On Tuesday, Isru Chag in Israel, hundreds attended the levayos of two teenagers who were drowned in Lake Kinneret during Chol Hamoed.

Nachman Itach, z”l, 21, and Liron Karadi, z”l, 17, were found dead on Monday after a massive, five-day search by police and volunteers. The boys were apparently swept away by strong winds while lounging on inflatable mattresses near the Kinneret’s Lavnun Beach.

A third youth, Itamar Ochana, 19, remains missing, and is presumed by police to also be dead.

The two bodies were located with the help of Navy sonar in 75-foot deep water far off the the eastern coast of the Kineret.