MKs Set to Release Secret Report on 2014 War

IDF Artillery Corps fires a 155 mm M109 howitzer during Operation Protective Edge, July 2014. (IDF Spokesperson Unit)

A Knesset subcommittee in charge of the matter is set to release a secret report on Operation Protective Edge, after a majority of the group’s members agreed to vote in favor of releasing the report, when a formal vote is taken Tuesday, Channel Two reported. The committee consists of three coalition MKs and two from the opposition.

The report covers a number of important topics that have not been fully explored in public discussions, including what the government knew about Hamas terror tunnels before the war in the summer of 2014. Also to be released are the protocols of cabinet discussions. Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu has opposed releasing the report, citing security concerns.

MK Karine Elharar of Yesh Atid, although a member of the coalition, voted against Netanyahu’s stance. “Our obligation is to the residents of Israel and the families of the soldiers who were killed in that war, who have been waiting for two and a half years for answers. As long as it is up to me, I will vote as soon as I can to release the report to the public. I hope that the four other members of the subcommittee will agree with me that the good of the public must take precedence, and vote accordingly.”

Among those who have pressed for the report to be released have been the family of IDF soldier Hadar Goldin, Hy”d, whose remains are still being held by Hamas, after he was killed during the war and then dragged through a terror tunnel. “By now everyone knows by heart the laconic statement that ‘the government is doing everything possible to bring our soldiers home,’ but this is a valueless statement. The government has abandoned Hadar and his fellow soldier Oron Shaul in Gaza, and nothing is being done to bring them home. We would remind the Prime Minister that Operation Protective Edge will not be over until our sons return home.”


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