Regional Briefs – January 12, 2017

Pair Makes False 911 Call to Get Out of Traffic Stop

BURLINGTON, N.J. – A Bronx man driving on a flat tire Tuesday called 911 to report a false robbery to get out of a ticket, The Associated Press reported. Other officers responded but found nothing. It was determined the call came from the phone of Justin Garcia, 23.

Trump Calls de Blasio to Discuss Tower Security Bill

NEW YORK – President-elect Donald Trump called Mayor Bill de Blasio on Wednesday to discuss the costs of protecting Trump Tower, the Daily News reported. The city says it costs $37.4 million from the election through the inauguration. Congress offered only $7 million.

Nearly Half of NJ’s Police Depts. Utilize Body Cameras

TRENTON – With Wednesday’s adding of 37 law enforcement agencies, 240 of New Jersey’s 500 police departments are now providing officers with body cameras, The Associated Press reported. The cameras cost $500 apiece.

Feds to Clean Up Former WWII TNT Site in NY Town

LEWISTON, N.Y. – The U.S. government said Wednesday night they will remove TNT and lead contamination from a former World War II manufacturing site in the Niagara town of Lewiston, The Associated Press reported. The military site manufactured TNT as part of the Manhattan Project that developed the world’s first nuclear weapons.

Audit: Better Oversight Needed in Monitoring Pre-K

ALBANY – An audit by the state comptroller’s office calls for better oversight in monitoring New York’s universal prekindergarten programs in respect to health and safety, the Times Union reported. In response, the state Education Department is now requiring districts to electronically report issues discovered during site visits.

Syracuse Airport to Get $45 Million Makeover

SYRACUSE – The 55-year-old Syracuse airport is getting a $45 million makeover, Gov. Andrew Cuomo announced Wednesday. The upgrade will feature a new facade, an aviation history museum, a glass pedestrian bridge and an eco-friendly roof over the main entrance.