Palestinian Security Forces In Jenin Prevent Soldiers From Entering City


An incident the likes of which has not been seen for years occurred on Sunday afternoon in Jenin. A military patrol vehicle entered one of the streets of the city to search for and arrest terrorists. Suddenly, Palestinian security forces appeared and ordered them to retreat, claiming the Israeli patrol had entered the city in contravention to agreements and without advance coordination.

Israel investigated the matter and found that the IDF vehicle’s entry had been coordinated, but the two vehicles had entered a street that had not been previously agreed upon. The Palestinians escorted the Israeli vehicles out and prevented them from being harmed by terrorists that surrounded them.

According to senior Palestinian sources, there was a real danger that the IDF soldiers would be harmed by armed terrorists that roam the city, which is why they were ordered to leave. The Palestinian escorts had to fire their weapons to deter the terrorists.

The incident ended safely.

The IDF said in a statement that a consultation will be held with Palestinian security forces to discuss the incident and learn the lessons for the future.

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