Palestinians Irked by Small Thanks for Firefighting Help


While Palestinians got their full share of blame for terrorist arson in recent days, the Palestinian Authority was indignant that it did not receive what it felt would be adequate recognition for its help in putting out the fires.

The PA was irate when, on Sunday, Israel’s Foreign Ministry published an announcement thanking all the foreign counties that sent planes and crews to help in the emergency, along with images of their flags and planes, while the Palestinians were mentioned only in the fine print at the bottom.

The PA sent eight fire trucks and about 40 firefighters to join efforts in extinguishing fires in Haifa and the Yerushalayim Hills.

“The message was disgraceful and does not properly represent the participation of the Palestinian firefighters,” the PA ministry said. “This is an attempt to diminish the humanitarian role of the Palestinian state in the world.”

However, Netanyahu did make a thank-you call to PA President Mahmoud Abbas on Motzoei Shabbos.

And on Monday, he told a Likud faction meeting: “I think the volunteer work done by Jews and Arabs alike is very important. It’s a model of good citizenship.”

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