Poll: Chareidim Among Most Avid Exercisers in Israel


In perhaps surprising findings, a new poll shows that the chareidi population in Israel is among the most active physically among all groups in the country. According to the study, conducted by the “Seker Kehalacha” organization, 58 percent of chareidi Israelis participate in regularly scheduled exercise activities at least once a week. Among the general Israeli public, that figure was 34.2 percent.

The poll of 425 members of the chareidi community, chosen as a representative sample of the population in 40 cities and towns, was conducted on behalf of the Hebrew language edition of Hamodia.

Among the 58 percent who said that they engaged in regular exercise, 35 percent said they engaged in such activities twice a week, and 23 percent said they exercised at least three times a week. Of those who exercised, 80 percent said they tried to eat a more healthy diet, while a third said they tried “very hard” to achieve a balanced, healthy diet. Women were more likely to eat healthy than men, the poll showed.

According to figures released earlier this year by the Culture and Sport Ministry, only 34.2 percent of the general public exercises on a regular basis, less than residents of the European Union.