NY Court: Democratic Senate Candidate Fails Residency Test


New York’s highest court has ruled that a Democratic contender for the state Senate isn’t eligible to run because he doesn’t meet the state’s five-year residency requirement.

The Court of Appeals on Tuesday disqualified Steve Glickman’s because he registered to vote in Washington D.C. in 2014.

Glickman had hoped to challenge Republican Sen. Rich Funke in November in the 55th District, which stretches south from Rochester.

He argued that he kept his residency in New York while attending college in Maryland and working in Washington D.C. But the court ruled that by registering to vote elsewhere two years ago Glickman cannot claim five years of New York residency.

The ruling reverses an appellate decision that found Glickman had a legitimate residency claim.

Glickman says he’s disappointed by the decision. Funke has no other opponents.