Mrs. Shulamis Bluming, a”h

burning memorial candles

Sunday morning saw multitudes gathered to pay their last respects to Mrs. Shulamis Bluming, a”h, cherished wife and mother, and mechaneches of Bais Yaakov of Boro Park. Mrs. Bluming, 70, dedicated her heart and soul to her husband and nine children, as well as to three generations of Bais Yaakov talmidos.

Daughter of Harav Gedalia Schorr, zt”l, and Rebbetzin Shifra Schorr, a”h, she strove all her life to emulate their ways. She was the wife of, ybl”c, Harav Yaakov Peretz, who sits al haTorah v’al ha’avodah day and night. Mrs. Bluming staunchly supported his Torah learning and took tremendous pride in his volumes of Rambam Ha’aruch, an ongoing series to aid those learning Rambam Yomi.

Possessed of a queenly bearing and a shining countenance, she encompassed all the attributes of a bas Melech. Mrs. Bluming was a caring, loving daughter, sister, wife, mother, mother-in-law, teacher and friend.

Mrs. Bluming is survived by her esteemed husband, Harav Yaakov Peretz, and children, Reb Shmuel Chaim, Reb Avrohom, Reb Nechemia, Reb Gedalia, Yossi, Yitzy, Mrs. Malky Weinstock, Mrs. Mati Wolf and Mrs. Yocheved Rappoport. She also leaves behind her brothers, who are all respected Rabbanim and Roshei Yeshivah.

A more comprehensive tribute to Mrs. Bluming will, iy”H, appear in a future edition of Hamodia.

Shivah is being observed at 4504 15th Avenue in Boro Park until Friday.

Yehi zichrah baruch.