NYC Water Board Calls for 2.1 Percent Increase for 2017


The agency controlling water prices for New York City residents is recommending a 2.1 percent increase for next year, the lowest hike in 16 years.

The Department of Environmental Protection also recommends freezing the minimum charge at $1.27 per day for the more than 150,000 customers who use fewer than 100 gallons per day, which a quarter of all single-family homeowners do, many of them seniors.

If the proposal is approved, a typical single-family homeowner will see an increase from $1,055 a year to $1,078 for water and sewer bills — an increase of $1.85 per month.

A typical multi-family unit with metered billing will see an increase from $686 a year per unit to $700 — an increase of $1.20 a month.

The agency is also proposing a number of changes to help low-income customers. They want to expand an annual credit for homeowners who qualify for the federal Home Energy Assistance Program. Last year, the average credit was $116 and went to 51,700 homeowners. For the coming year, the value will be increased and will be extended to 68,000 additional homeowners.