Croatia’s Jews to Boycott Official Holocaust Commemoration

ZAGREB, Croatia (AP) -

Croatia’s Jewish community has confirmed that it will boycott an official Holocaust commemoration to protest the government’s alleged inaction to curb the surge of neo-Nazi sentiments in the country.

The Coordinating Committee of the Jewish Communities of Croatia said Monday it would hold its own commemoration at a World War II Nazi-run death camp on April 15, a week before the ceremony that is to be attended by government officials.

Jewish committee officials have accused Croatia’s new right-wing government of ignoring open public resurgence of anti-Semitism, including pro-Nazi slogans chanted by Croatian fans during a game between Croatia and Israel last month.

Some 30,000 Jews are estimated to have been killed, Hy”d, during the existence of the so-called Independent State of Croatia, most of them in the Jasenovac camp, which is known as the Croatian Auschwitz.