Health Ministry to Release List of Gluten-Containing Pills


The Health Ministry will issue a list of oral medications that contain gluten. According to new rules issued by the Ministry, pharmaceutical manufacturers will also have to indicate on the label of their medications that they contain gluten.

The problem comes with pills that are prescribed to patients as treatments in Israel’s public health system. Many of the pills contain wheat starch or other glutinous materials in their coatings. Several medical panels have determined that the amount of gluten in these pills – generally less than 100 parts per million – is tolerable by individuals with celiac disease, but in the interest of full disclosure, the Ministry will be issuing the list to ensure that the public has access to the information.

Speaking to Yisrael Hayom, Dan Salomon, a leading activist in the community of celiac sufferers, said that he “thanks the Health Ministry for taking up the fight and responding to our appeal to issue a list of medicines containing gluten. Cooperation with the Ministry will bring about positive results. With this list, celiac sufferers will be able to take medicines without concern.”