Devorah Stubin, a”h, Continues to Inspire Chessed

(Passaic/Clifton Hatzolah)
(Passaic/Clifton Hatzolah)

After the recent, tragic passing of Devorah Stubin, a”h, a campaign has been undertaken to raise money for a new ambulance to be donated in her memory to Hatzolah of Passaic/Clifton EMS.

The campaign was initiated by the Stubin family and their shul, Bais Torah U’Tefilah (BTU), led by their Rav, Rabbi Menachem Zupnik.

“Rabbi Zupnik said that since Devorah was always doing chessed – even when no one asked her to do it – he thought it was appropriate that funds for an ambulance, an instrument of chessed, be raised in her memory,” Moshe Zahler, a member of BTU involved in the campaign, told Hamodia.

There are approximately 1700 frum families in the communities of Passaic and Clifton, New Jersey. The 30-member Passaic/Clifton Hatzolah currently has three ambulances, but some are not in great condition, and the new ambulance will serve a vital need for these growing communities.

Devorah’s passing affected Jews across the country. “Those who saw her story on the news, and read about her life, were amazed by all the chessed that she did,” says Zahler. “People that were inspired by her acts of kindness have been moved to donate. Donations have been made by people from Florida to California, including those with no connection to the Passaic/Clifton communities.”

The Stubin family has inspired many, as well.

“Being at the shivah, after having been previously been involved in the search for Devorah, it was amazing to see the bitachon and the hakaras hatov that the family showed,” Rabbi Moshe Perlmutter, coordinator for Passaic/Clifton Hatzolah, told Hamodia. “The Stubin family spent much of the shivah ­– a time when they would be undergoing unimaginable grief – expressing gratitude to to Hatzolah, law enforcement and community volunteers.

“It was the sort of shivah where instead of visitors being mechazek the family, the family was mechazek the visitors.”

The BTU campaign, led by Rabbi Zupnik, to raise funds to donate the ambulance to Hatzolah, is still far short of its goal; well more than half of the $200,000 needed for a new, state-of-the-art ambulance has been raised thus far.

“Having a new bus will be a great honor to Devorah’s memory,” says Rabbi Perlmutter. “Every call that it used on, every life that it saves, will perpetuate her memory and be a zechus for her neshamah.”

Donations can be mailed to:

Devorah Stubin Memorial Ambulance Fund

c/o Bais Torah U’Tefilah

218 Aycrigg Ave.

Passaic, NJ 07055