Knesset Tries to Improve Its Image


The Knesset has spent 1.8 million shekels ($500,000) to improved its chronically poor public image, Speaker Yuli Edelstein announced.

The ad campaign, starting on Tuesday, will focus on all the good things the Knesset does, rather than the scandals and squabbling played up by the Israeli news media.

“There is a huge gap between what really happens here and what the public thinks,” said Edelstein. “We are fighting for this house. Our democracy is in danger. I decided it was time to change the situation.”

Under the slogan “This is the way democracy works,” the ads will feature ordinary citizens talking about how legislation helped them personally.

Among the legislation to be featured in the campaign: requiring employers to let their workers sit down while they work, lowering the price of school books, and protecting the rights of consumers and the disabled.