Trump Says He’s Pleased With His Debate Performance

SPARKS, Nev. (AP) -

Presidential candidate Donald Trump says he’s pleased with his performance during the third GOP debate, even if the media won’t give him credit.

Trump told several thousand supporters at a rally in Sparks, Nevada, that all the online surveys conducted Wednesday evening show he was the clear winner. The “polls” he referred to are not scientific surveys of a representative sample of Americans.

The billionaire businessman praised several of his opponents’ performances and spent much of his speech Thursday criticizing the press. He says he’d like future moderators to have to prove they vote Republican before asking questions.

Candidate Marco Rubio’s aggressive performance — along with multiple instances of candidates blasting CNBC’s debate moderators and the debate in general — overshadowed two other men who are leading many national polls: retired neurosurgeon Ben Carson and businessman Donald Trump.

In Colorado on Thursday, Carson criticized the debate format, saying there should be more time for lengthy statements laying out an agenda. “Debates are intended to help the American people get to know the candidates,” he told reporters. “What it’s turned into is ‘gotcha.’”

New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie spent much of Wednesday night and Thursday morning targeting Clinton. “I’m the kind of person you’re going to want on the stage, you’re going to need on the stage to take on Hillary Clinton next November,” he told CNN.