FBI Warns NYC: Terrorists May Ambush Emergency Responders


An “anarchist extremist” group may be plotting to ambush emergency responders this weekend by luring them with minor disturbances, the Federal Bureau of Investigation warned New York City officials on Tuesday.

In an internal memo obtained by Hamodia, John Sudnik, the Fire Department of New York’s chief of operations, urged his units to keep their guard up.

“The NYPD and other Law Enforcement Agencies are actively monitoring this threat,” Sudnik wrote in a memo sent to “all borough commands” in the city. “All FDNY members shall remain vigilant and constantly aware of their surroundings at all times. Members are reminded to exercise caution and be cognizant of possible ploys to attract First Responders.”

The message said that police have been warned by the FBI that the unnamed anarchist group may be planning to lure firefighters into an ambush with “the use of bricks, bottles and firearms.”