NYC Lawmakers Demand Immediate Repairs to Ocean Parkway

BROOKLYN (Hamodia staff) -

Weeks after receiving false assurances that Ocean Parkway would be repaved, a group of Brooklyn lawmakers are demanding that the city keep its promise and mill the major thoroughfare from its winter-inflicted woes.

State Sen. Simcha Felder and Councilmen David Greenfield and Mark Treyger wrote two separate letters to the New York State Commissioner of the Department of Transportation urging the road be fixed promptly. The DOT assured them that the road would be repaired by 2017, but the trio wants some work to begin now.

Ocean Parkway, which is located in the districts of all three legislators, stretches from Church Avenue to Avenue Z.

“The condition of Ocean Parkway is horrendous,” Greenfield said. “I have received numerous calls and complaints to my office about huge potholes, crumbling pavement and the general terrible condition of this roads. We cannot wait any longer for the Ocean Parkway to be fixed.”