Joint Shavak-Mossad Team Investigating Paris Attack


According to a report in Friday’s edition of Israel Defense, an Israeli military publication, a joint team consisting of members of two of Israel’s main intelligence services, Shavak and Mossad,  are currently in Paris to probe the terror attack at the kosher supermarket that killed four Jews, Hy”d.

The reasons for this mission are twofold: Although little is spoken publicly about it, within the Mossad there is a division named Bitzur, which is assigned to try to help beef up security for Jews throughout the world. This branch works closely with Jewish communities and local police departments to further this goal. The second reason for the sending of this team is that the Israeli intelligence officials are part of a broader, global effort to combat international terror, and work in collaboration with other western intelligence agencies.

The first lesson that the Israeli intelligence officials learned from the Paris attack was of the failure of the various intelligence agencies to cooperate with each other. Reportedly, the United States did have pertinent information prior to the attack, but failed to share it with their European counterparts.

Analysts also expressed alarm about Turkey, a NATO member who is said to be refusing to share information about ISIS members with EU passports, who travel to and from ISIS-held areas via Turkey.

They also believe that terror groups see France as a “weak link” in the fight against terror. It is thought that terrorists take full advantage of France’s strict privacy laws, and in response to the devastating attacks, it is presumed that France will have to rethink its approach on these matters.