There is a funny thing about a Jewish joke. It may be hilarious, but all too often it’s not a joke. Here is a classic example:

An international conference of scientists studying elephants presented their research papers. The German scientist submitted a 500-page paper entitled “A Short Introduction to a Bibliography on the Classification of Elephants.” The American scientist wrote on “Hunting Elephants for Fun and Profit.” The Jewish scientist wrote his study on “The Elephant and the Jewish Problem.”

Another take on the same theme is the old line about responding to any news story with the question: “Is it good for the Jews?”

Pundits quote these jokes to poke fun at Jews always obsessing about survival. A famous quote about Jewish paranoia has been attributed to Henry Kissinger. Another version is more likely: In 1973, Kissinger accused Golda Meir of being paranoid for her reluctance to grant concessions to the Arabs. She replied, “Even paranoids have enemies.”

In Tehillim it says, “Me’oyevai techakmeini mitzvosecha…” The literal translation is “Your mitzvos make me wiser than my enemies.” Me’oyevai techakmeini might also be understood to mean, “Help me learn from my enemies…”

And our enemies are good teachers. Especially the Islamist terrorists who never miss an opportunity to turn any situation into an opportunity.

Their latest opportunity is to co-opt the conflagration in Ferguson and turn it to their own advantage — like a secondary infection invading an already weakened system and turning a local inflammation into a deadly disease.

Legal Insurrection blog warned in October about pro-Palestinian terrorists who are exploiting the Ferguson tension for their own anti-Israel agenda and encouraging confrontation with police in solidarity with Palestinians:

“It started with a propaganda campaign over the summer when Brown was shot. … Anti-Israel activists started tweeting messages of ‘support’ for protesters in Ferguson, including advice on how to deal with tear gas.”

This was not just a spontaneous outpouring of caring and support from like-minded individuals or lone-wolf terrorists. “It was a highly organized effort to exploit the Ferguson tension and co-opt it into the anti-Israel cause.”

The left has long been a breeding ground for many-striped malcontents. From the intelligentsia in Russia who constituted Lenin’s cadre of “useful idiots,” to the unwashed masses who have always been the on-call dial-a-mob, ready to occupy anything — rebels with and without a cause have long been the foot soldiers ready to riot.

Since the 1960s, the radical left has formed an all-too-easy alliance with radical Islamist terrorists. In a movement marked by bloodthirstiness, the Jihadists have become kings of the mountain. They adopted and perfected Bolshevik strategy and tactics and have taken over what used to be called “the Movement.”

Seraphic Secret blog reports about the Islamist terrorists, whom he labels “IslamoNazis”:

“Some of the major agitators — AKA community organizers — in Ferguson are Muslim radicals who ID themselves as Palestinians. Most notable of these creatures is one Bassem Masri, a Jew-hating, pro-Hamas IslamoNazi from St. Louis, whose specialty is inciting violence against the police.

“The IslamoNazis are cultural imperialists who wed themselves to every radical cause in America and make it about their jihadist ideology. Basically, they are using the old Bolshevik playbook to foment unrest and violence at the grassroots level.”

One of the vocal supporters of rioters in Ferguson is Omar Barghouti, a founder of the Boycott, Divest, Sanction Israel (BDS) movement. One of a series of images produced with the label #PalestiniansSupportFergusonBecause carries a quote from Barghouti:

“We shall overcome racist and colonial oppression when we realize that ‘we’ in question involves joint struggles by the oppressed masses of the world against the united oppressor.”

As a prize specimen of social propaganda, Barghouti’s quote is worth close study. Read it again; then take this quick quiz:

  1. Name five highly charged expressions in the quote.
  2. Who are the “oppressed masses”?
  3. Who is the “united oppressor”?

If you need some hints, “protesters” for “justice” in Ferguson marched under huge signs declaring:

Occupation Is A Crime

Ferguson To Palestine

Resist U.S. Racism

Boycott Israel

Part of the tragedy of Ferguson, as has been pointed out in these pages, is the devastating blow to the black community and to the entire civil rights movement in the wake of the carnage. Much of the blame for the violence and destruction falls upon some “community organizers.”

But even they have become part of the cadre of racial useful idiots of the Jihadi terrorists. As Seraphic Secret put it:

“Ferguson is no longer in Missouri. It is in the Arab Muslim world.”

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