After Subway Plot Report, NY Increases Policing


Police tightened protections after Iraq’s prime minister said captured Islamic State terrorists disclosed a plot to attack U.S. and Paris subways, but New York’s mayor and governor said there was no specific, credible threat currently to the nation’s biggest subway system.

Bag inspections were being set up at some subway stations, more bomb-sniffing dogs and surveillance teams were deployed, and officers were working overtime and doing extra checks of subway stations, Police Commissioner William Bratton said. But Mayor Bill de Blasio and Gov. Andrew Cuomo both took trains themselves to send a message of watchful safety, and after years of reports of potential terror threats, many riders took the news in stride.

A couple of hours earlier, Cuomo took a different train with the head of the transit system. “New York is more prepared than it has ever been,” Cuomo said Thursday after hopping off a subway under Penn Station.