Rocket Intended for Ashkelon Region Lands in Gaza

A barrage of rockets was fired from Hamas-ruled Gaza towards the city of Ashkelon on Wednesday night, Arutz Sheva reported. Five rockets were intercepted by the Iron Dome anti-missile system; others may have exploded in open areas. The “color red” alert sounded before the explosions, and there were no reports of physical injury or damage.

Thursday morning, the IAF retaliated, including an airstrike on a concealed rocket launcher and Hamas military site. The retaliatory strike set off a dramatic chain of detonations of weapons stored at the site, which the IDF has recorded and released for viewing.

“The IDF sees as very serious any firing at Israeli territory, and will continue to act strongly against anyone who uses terror against the state of Israel,” noted a statement released by the IDF, adding  that the IDF holds Hamas directly responsible for the attacks.

The “color red” alert sounded again Thursday evening in a number of communities of the Ashkelon coast council region; however, the rocket that triggered Thursday’s alert apparently exploded northern Gaza and did not reach Israel.

The city of Ashdod decided Thursday evening not to hold classes Friday in schools that are not reinforced against missile strikes. Schools that are reinforced will be on a regular Friday schedule.