Shomrim Shooter Pleads Guilty to Scam, Sentencing Postponed


Sentencing for the man who shot four Shomrim members on a Boro Park street three years ago was postponed Monday, since he pleaded guilty to an additional crime.

David Flores, who was acquitted of the shooting charges but convicted for carrying an illegal weapon, pleaded guilty Monday in Brooklyn Supreme Court for scamming apartment seekers during prior work as a building super. He would demand payments from tenants in return for leasing the apartments.

Flores, 38, will serve between 11/2 to three years for the scam, which he will sit concurrently with the illegal gun charge. Judge Dineen Riviezzo pushed off sentencing, which was expected on Monday, to Jan. 27.

The “newest guilty plea by David Flores,” Councilman David Greenfield posted, “proves, once again, that this Shomrim shooter is a bad guy who works the justice system in his favor.”

Greenfield — as well as Shomrim members and other Jewish officials — was disturbed that Flores was found innocent of the shooting, which occurred in 2011, when Flores was acting inappropriately in front of children. Shomrim, who were already on the lookout for a Hispanic male matching Flores’s description for a similar offense the week before, sent four members to the scene, on 46th Street near 10th Ave.

Greenfield attended the hearing Monday, having last week urged the judge to give Flores the maximum prison term of 15 years.