New Packaging Law Promises Revolution in Consumerism


The Knesset is set to pass legislation refreshing 20-year-old food packaging laws which proponents hope will have a transformative effect on public health, the Jerusalem Post reported on Tuesday.

Health Minister Yael German said that new requirements for listing ingredients of food products on the front of packages will bring about a “revolution” in consumerism.

Prof. Itamar Grotto, head of public health, said that “we are speaking of very important legislation aimed at helping consumers choose more healthful food products. Nutritional information — in the four categories of energy (calories), sugars, fat and sodium — will have to appear on the face of the package, while the “usual list of ingredients” will continue on the back.

The hope is that such a prominent display of nutritional content will induce shoppers to buy more healthy foods, and the amount of obesity, hypertension and heart disease in Israeli society will decline.

Prof. Danny Moran, director of the ministry’s national Program for an Active and Healthy Life (dubbed in Hebrew Efsharibari or Healthy is Possible), added that Israel will thereby join other Western countries in improving labeling and packaging.

“Indirectly,” he said, “it will influence purchasing habits, eating and behavior. We hope the Knesset will approve the amendments as soon as possible during the winter session that will bring about a revolution that will help all of us preserve our health more effectively.”

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