SUV Driver’s Wife: Was in ‘Grave Danger’


The driver of an SUV involved in a bloody weekend confrontation with a motorcycle gang feared for the life of his family inside when he drove through the crowd, striking a biker on the street, his wife said Thursday.

Rosalyn Ng said in a statement that she and her husband, Alexian Lien, had been planning to celebrate their wedding anniversary with their 2-year-old daughter Sunday, but instead they were swarmed by motorcyclists on Manhattan’s West Side Highway.

Dozens of motorcyclists rode alongside the couple’s SUV until one slowed down and bumped it. The vehicle was then surrounded by dozens of helmeted riders who tried to damage the SUV before Lien took off, plowing over a rider. The motorcyclists give chase and Lien was eventually stopped, pulled from the SUV and beaten.

“Our fear for our lives was confirmed when the incident ended with the … attack on my husband, me, and, most importantly, our two-year-old child,” Ng said. “We know in our hearts that we could not have done anything differently, and we believe that anyone faced with this sort of grave danger would have taken the same course of action.”