Israeli Soldier Killed in Chevron


Unknown terrorists shot and killed an Israeli soldier in Chevron on Sunday, and troops are searching for the shooter, the military said.

It was the second soldier killed since the weekend when a Palestinian killed an Israeli soldier with the intention of trading the body for his brother who is jailed for shooting attacks.

The killings further increase mistrust towards the Palestinians at a time of U.S.-mediated peace talks that restarted this summer.

Sgt. Gabriel Koby, 20, Hy”d, was critically injured by direct fire while securing an area in the evening where over a thousand people were visiting for Sukkos, the military said. He was evacuated to the hospital where he died of his wounds, it said.

The military said it had restricted movement on the area while searches are under way for the terrorist. Israeli media reported that the soldier had been shot in the neck by a shooter from a distance but the military wouldn’t go into detail.