AARP Decries Weiner Calling Older Rival ‘Grandpa’


Anthony Weiner is taking some heat for calling an opponent “grandpa,” with AARP state director Beth Finkel saying Wednesday the organization found the comment at the New York City mayoral forum it sponsored “unfortunate.”

The exchange between 69-year-old Republican candidate George McDonald and the 48-year-old Democrat began after Weiner touched McDonald in greeting.

“Don’t put your hands on me ever again,” McDonald barked. Weiner responded by telling McDonald he has “anger issues.” When McDonald disagreed, Weiner said, “Yes, you do, Grandpa.”

Weiner refused to apologize, saying he frequently is the object of attacks at forums and says a mayoral candidate “needs a thick skin.”

McDonald responded later, “In the old days, we would call a guy like him a punk.”