Bill Would Ease Parking Regs on Tishah B’Av


Councilman David Greenfield said he plans to introduce a bill adding Tishah B’Av to the city’s list of days when alternate side parking regulations are suspended.

“Requiring observers to move their vehicle … while fasting on one of the hottest days of the year represents a serious hardship for many,” Greenfield, a Brooklyn Democrat and an Orthodox Jew, said. He said he will introduce the legislation next week.

Many individuals who observe Tishah B’Av spend much of the day in shul. Yet, because parking regulations vary from block to block, many must factor parking considerations into this already difficult day. This year, Tishah B’Av’s real feel temperature was more than 100 degrees.

The law, if passed, would add Tishah B’Av to a list that already contains 26 religious and secular holidays when alternate side parking rules are suspended. All muni meter regulations would stay in effect under this proposal.