Arab Rioter Killed in Chevron


A 19-year-old resident of Yericho was killed in clashes with the IDF south of Chevron early Tuesday morning, according to Palestinian sources.

The Ma’an News Agency quoted Palestinian sources as saying that an IDF jeep ran over Moataz Idris al-Sharawneh.

The IDF stated that during a security operation in Dura, southwest of Chevron, Palestinians attacked the Israeli soldiers with rocks and rioted. The IDF acted to disperse the rioters.

“They then began climbing a military vehicle,” a military spokesperson told Reuters. “The security forces warned the suspects and used riot dispersal means. Finally, with no other option, they responded with fire at one of the suspects, and the incident is currently being investigated.”

Ma’an reported that in the aftermath of the incident, the IDF had establishing several new checkpoints in the area.