Beis Knesses in Bat Yam Defaced by Swastikas


Vandals spray-painted swastikas on the wall of a beis knesses in Bat Yam, on Rose Lane Street.

The vandalism was discovered on Wednesday at a beis knesses established by Holocaust survivors.

The gabbai, after seeing the hated images, reported feeling unwell, and Hatzolah volunteers were called to his assistance.

This was the second such incident in the last week in Israel in which batei knesses were vandalized with Nazi insignia; the other was in Haifa.

For Bat Yam it was the third vandalism of this kind in a month, but police have so far made no arrests.

Community activists linked the ongoing public incitement against the chareidim in the Knesset and the media to the recent acts of vandalism against holy sites such as these.