Hatzolah Member Tied Up, Robbed in Williamsburg


Police are searching for three suspects, including at least one of them armed, who tied up a father and son in Williamsburg as they were in their cheese factory, before fleeing with their Hatzolah car and some cash.

Rabbi Abe Friedman, a liaison to the Williamsburg police, told Hamodia that police are mystified why the three Hispanic males would await Yosef Binik and his 17-year-old son with guns on Friday, then ditch the car blocks away without taking anything.

“There was tens of thousands of dollars worth of equipment in that car,” Rabbi Friedman said. “[Police] are mindboggled.”

Police suspect an inside job, that the perpetrators worked in the factory, located on Williamsburg’s Johnson Ave.

Late on Friday morning, the Biniks parked their Hatzolah car — Mr. Binik is a longtime Hatzolah member — outside the factory, then entered the place although it was closed for the day. They were followed shortly afterward by the three men, who pointed a gun at them and then tied them to a forklift.

The robbers then searched their pockets, taking $300 in cash from them and the keys to the Hatzolah car, a 2005 Chevrolet Malibu equipped with emergency lights and sirens. Leaving the two still tied to the forklift, the suspects fled in the Hatzolah car. Mr. Binik radioed his distress and the place was soon flooded with police, Shomrim and news buffs.

Police later found the car abandoned several blocks away, along the BQE. But the three suspects were not in it.