NJ Judge: With Drivers Vs. Cameras, Drivers Are Right


A representative of the company that installs and operates the state’s red-light cameras had some good news for motorists on Monday.

If you see a flash go off as you drive through an intersection and you’re sure you beat the red light, you’re probably right, Charles Callari said. It’s more than likely a diagnostic test being performed by American Traffic Solutions to reset the cameras.

Callari, an ATS vice president, said about 50 percent of the pictures don’t result in summonses after going through a required review by local police.

The cameras installed in nearly two dozen towns in New Jersey have raked in millions of dollars in fines but have generated an equal amount of controversy. Monday’s hearing was an outgrowth of a lawsuit filed last year by a Jackson Township resident who sued ATS and the town of East Windsor after getting an $85 ticket.

John Telliho claimed the town operated the red-light cameras illegally because it failed to follow requirements for the timing of yellow lights that would give motorists enough time to put on their brakes.