Cuomo Pushing Back at Effort to Defund Gun Law


New York State Senate Republicans are proposing a series of measures to defund and defang the gun law pushed through with lightning speed in January, an effort Gov. Andrew Cuomo is promising will fail.

“This would basically mute the SAFE Act,” a Senate insider told the Daily News, referring to the first gun law passed in the nation in the wake of the Newtown school shooting. “This is classic back room Albany. First you allow something to pass and then you reverse it by cutting funding.”

Senate Republicans were scheduled to vote on Monday to deny Cuomo’s proposal to provide the state police with $3.2 million to enforce the law, and remove a $32.7 million grant to develop a pistol permit database by SUNY.

During a cabinet meeting Monday, Cuomo rejected the attempt to whittle away the law, the linchpin of his 2013 agenda.

The Senate “passed the bill,” he added. “If you pass the bill, you then have to have the funds to do what the bill said. If you didn’t want do what the bill suggested, than you shouldn’t have passed the bill.”