Parshah Potpourri

Is Galus a Punishment?

V’eschem ezareh bagoyim v’harikosi achareichem cherev v’haysa artzechem shemama v’areichem yihyu charba (Vayikra 26:33) Parashas Bechukosai is commonly referred to as a parashah of tochachah — rebuke. After discussing the…

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The Culinary Connoisseur

Shavuos Sides

If you serve a milchig seudah on Shavuos, you may begin your menu planning at the end — with cheesecake. That’s the easy part! But many get stuck when it…

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Odd Side

Odd Side – May 28, 2019

Massachusetts Town to Fine People Who Pilfer Beach Rocks WESTPORT, Mass. (AP) – A Massachusetts town is sick of homeowners and businesses raiding its beaches for free landscaping materials. So…

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