Purim Same’ach

I read with great interest Dov Fuchs’ article on his Purim group’s successful visit to a family who was just becoming religious and had no money to donate.

As a single mother living in an affluent area, my home is always overlooked by bachurim looking to entertain in order to attain much- needed funds for their yeshivos or other causes. This Purim, my young son took matters into his own hands. He stood in front of the wealthier homes and begged the bachurim to please come to our house.

Kudos to the boys who recognized the opportunity to make a little boy happy, danced with him and let him participate in their antics. Far more than the simple donation that I gave was the simchah that these boys brought into my home. Isn’t it time that we educate our bachurim on the joy of bringing simchah to those who would benefit (whatever their financial standing or life circumstance) and not just to those who write big checks?