‘Oy, Such Soros!’

Although this piece had a caveat, that it does not reflect the opinion of Hamodia, I am shocked that Hamodia would print any piece that is pro Soros, even if it was to make a point that we should be careful of underlying anti-Semitism. (“Oy, Such Soros!” Hamodia Prime, Dec. 11) Soros may be Jewish by birth, but he is no friend of the Jewish people that should be the paradigm of an example to Jewish values. Unfortunately, look through the hundreds of NGOs and organizations he supports. Not one is a pro-Jewish entity. The man funds every Palestinian cause and many entities that undermine Judaism. He is an enemy of Yiddishkeit and Israel.

Soros is far from ambivalent about Israel. He is a hater of Israel and Jewish causes. He is a lover of our enemies. I would ask Rabbi Shafran to name one Jewish cause he supports. Vilifying him may be a mitzvah.

I believe he was a poor choice for Rabbi Shafran’s lesson.

Eliezer Cohen CEDARHURST, NY

The author replies:

Dear Mr. Cohen,

“Pro-Soros”? I don’t think that even a superficial reading of the column you cite could yield that description.

I took great pains to acknowledge Mr. Soros’ shortcomings, using, in one case, the word “revolting.” And I clearly noted, too, the man’s ugly attitude toward Israel and his opposition to current Israeli policies.

I did not hold him up as any sort of Jewish hero. What I did was simply call attention to the indisputable fact that he has become — as the Rothschilds once were (and to an extent still are) — the stand-in among the most rabid anti-Semites for “Jews,” and a symbol of an imagined “Jewish plot to control the world.”

The point of the column, as its ending states, is that, even as we are justified in criticizing Mr. Soros, we mustn’t buy in to the Jew haters’ narrative of him as a devious Jewish aspirant to world domination, thereby, “inadvertently aiding those who spread libels and wish all of us only ill.”