Monuments to Nobility

I always read Rabbi Yosef Gesser’s “Monuments in Our Backyard” column each week in Hamodia. This week I noticed that Rabbi Gesser [wrote about] a great-great-uncle (from my father’s side), also in Elmont, where he had previously highlighted my great-grandfather from my mother’s side — Harav Yehoshua Baumol, zt”l.

My paternal grandmother was Leah Haberman, a niece of Rabbi Mordechai Haberman (the Gorliger Rav, zt”l) which he featured in this week’s column. My family, the Habermans and the Zauderers, came from Vienna (originally from Rava Ruska — from the Haberman side). My father was born in Vienna in 1938, and shortly after the family fled through Belgium and France and eventually made it to safety in Switzerland in 1944, and ended in New York in the late 1940s.

Thank you and gmar chasimah tovah,

Josh (Yehoshua) Zauderer