Last Week’s Cover

The cover story of the weekly December 11 issue of Hamodia is about: impeachment, the likelihood of Israel going to elections, a volcano, and Boris Johnson serving donuts in the run-up to the British elections.

Yet – One day earlier, on December 10, our Jewish community, and even international news, was carrying wall-to-wall coverage of a terrorist shooting in a kosher supermarket in Jersey City. Dec. 11 was a day of levayos.

I’m truly puzzled. What happened here?

Devora Haimowitz

As we went to print with last week’s paper, our reporters were looking into conflicting reports of a shooting in Jersey City. At that hour, the target of the attack, as well as rumors of possible causalities, had not been confirmed by any reputable source. We felt that it would be irresponsible to publish a story that we could not verify.

As the only Jewish publication that consists of both two glossy magazines as well a newspaper, the print deadline for the weekly Hamodia is now significantly earlier than it was when we were mainly a newspaper. Therefore, with a tefillah on our lips, we reluctantly sent the newspaper to the printer.

As it turned out, most of the reports being spread in the initial hours after the attack were indeed erroneous. Much to our anguish, the real story was much more horrifying.

May we merit to report besuros tovos. -Ed.