Hakaras Hatov

With Chanukah here, we parents can make a great kiddush Hashem by showing hakaras hatov to our children’s teachers. The rebbeim are unbelievably moser nefesh to teach our sons Torah; they and their families endure daily sacrifices toward this end. Aside from tipping them generously, let us write them personal notes, detailing all the ways we feel indebted to them. So too for our daughters’ moros, who infuse them with hashkafos hachaim that will carry our daughters far in life.

Also, let us not forget our children’s English teachers. Our sons’ teachers, in particular, may not always be treated with the utmost respect in the classroom and now is our chance to rectify this and create a kiddush Hashem. Below is a poem we will send to our yeshivah’s English teachers; feel free to copy it and sign your own name at the bottom.

Teaching schoolboys is your mission,

And we don’t envy your position,

Because the population that you serve

Brims with vim, vitality and verve.

English, science, history and math,

Help one in life to forge a path.

Now we express our sincere appreciation,

For giving (insert son’s name) this foundation.

Mrs. Ilana Orange