Going to Work

While I appreciated the discussion about shidduchim in honor of Tu B’Av, I was troubled by the letter from the man who says his wife was given unrealistic expectations about how long her husband would be learning in kollel.

I haven’t heard the other side of the story, so I don’t know if she really is disappointed in him. But she might be. I don’t understand why young women would be trained to resist having a husband go to work after a certain agreed-on period of time.

Is peer pressure so strong as to get in the way of the couple’s shalom bayis? Should it be permitted to triumph over the couple’s personal decision of what is right for them?

Working to support one’s family is commendable and should be encouraged. Food and rent and tuition cost money, and children have the right to be raised by responsible parents.

I think that maintaining a schedule of shiurim while holding down a job is admirable, and so is making the decision in consultation with daas Torah.

D. Schuster, Nassau County, NY