The Cell Phone Conundrum

As an avid reader of this publication, the first feature I turn to is the letters. There I can get a sense of what is on the minds and hearts of my “people” as we traverse the rough and tough of daily life.

Many issues have been raised, too numerous to delineate. However, one has yet to be mentioned.

When I was growing up, AT&T had a slogan “Reach Out and Touch Someone”; the phone was a medium that replaced the front porch as the connector between neighbors and friends. As a therapist, I can attest to the fact that voice mail has shattered the social contract and interpersonal relationships.

It is now standard practice “not to take the call,” and often the caller is slighted and insulted. When the call is returned a respectful 24-48 hours later, of course, the return is sent to voice mail.

Dovid Hamelech says in Tehillim, yimotu kol mosdei aretz, the pillars of society, the social constructs, will be destroyed. Our interpersonal relationships are disintegrating because of the new corrosive social norms.

Many of my clients cry out from loneliness. Social contact has been deemed passé. Now it’s text, email or voice mail. This is a social cancer that is destroying the core of our society. We don’t need RCCS to fight it; we need a collective return to social cohesiveness.

The first thing that Moshe Rabbeinu did upon returning from Har Sinai was “Vayakhel Moshe es kal adas bnei Yisrael’; he united us into one nation.

For the physical and spiritual needs of our people, please, take the call. Someone is reaching out and needs to talk to you.