Anti-Vaxxer In Yerushalayim?

Dov Fuchs has been one of my favorite Hamodia columnists — up till this week’s “Let the Confusion Begin” piece (Dec. 23).

What qualifications does he hold to have his thinly-veiled anti-vaxxer position aired in his column?

Yes, we are relying on the vaccines to end the pandemic. Not in place of tefillah, though. At the suggestions of many, many Rabbanim since the beginning of the pandemic, thousands or more Yidden have been davening for scientists to find a vaccine or cure. To be given seichel, binah and daas by Hashem to end this plague.

“The end of this saga” may well be in the form of mass vaccination. The same way as Hashem showed us how to eradicate smallpox, polio, diphtheria, measles, etc.

Please, editors, be careful what you allow to be printed in your paper. Your coverage of the vaccine has been so positive to this point.

We should all see soon the end of this mageifah with no more loss of life.

Mrs. Lorna Massarano, Prestwich, Manchester

Dov Fuchs responds:

Thank you for your interest in my column and for allowing me a chance to clarify my words. I think you misunderstood my intent and I apologize for not being clear enough. I would never voice an “anti-vaxxer” opinion, as I am a firm believer in the guidance of our Gedolim that taking the vaccination is the hishtadlus we must do for our health and our lives. (My family and I are up-to-date with all vaccinations, whatever the doctor orders!)

The point I tried to convey was that it is our duty in life to see the Divine plan hidden under the veil of what transpires around us. Obviously, the source of this horrid pandemic was a summons from on High to come closer with faith, teshuvah and growing stronger in Torah in yiras Shamayim. If the “end of the pandemic” is a vaccine, then we have not learned our lesson. If, however, the pandemic concludes with strengthening our emunah and realizing our total dependence on Hashem, then we have risen from the nisayon. I am sorry for my lack of clarity and never entertained the thought of negating vaccination, chas v’shalom.