Alternate Wisdom

Kudos to Hamodia for spreading awareness about functional medicine and natural remedies. Based on my encounters, many in our community are closed minded when it comes to non-conventional healing. As the article explained, most conventional medicine works like Tylenol, healing the fever/symptoms without addressing the root cause. These chemical-based medicines may have side effects, which can affect us down the road.

Case in point: My daughter had allergies to food, and eczema rashes on her face and body. I went to a conventional allergist, which was not productive, as the doctor could only identify some of the allergic foods, and couldn’t do anything to heal my daughter’s allergies. After some research, I took my daughter to a chiropractor/kinesiologist, who identified her allergies through a method called muscle testing, and was able to heal my daughter’s allergies to foods like dairy, eggs, etc.! I’m so grateful to Hashem, that He has given this chochmah to these chiropractors, to heal my daughter.

Please share this with your readers, so they are aware of this method.

A Reader, N.Y.