Eis Laasos Raffle: Fortify Our Sedarim At Home While Our Yeshivos Have Closed


Join together with Klal Yisroel to strengthen Limud Hatorah in these trying times!


Grand Prize $1,000
5 Runner-Up Drawings of $500

For every half-hour you learn between now and ו’ ניסן, you earn a ticket into the raffle. If in a given day you learn more than the base amount, which is determined by your age bracket, you enter into “bonus time”, and each additional half hour earns you two tickets.

The base amount for each bracket is:

Middle School and Younger – 1:00
Mesivta – 1:30
Beis Medrash and Older – 3:30

Name, phone number, and number of tickets should be sent to eislaasosraffle@gmail.com.

Please join with us to fortify our learning sedarim at this difficult time. Your learning should be a zchus for the shmirah and refuos of klal Yisroel. We are relying on you to spread this program to your friends and family. We beg you to please be mezakeh them!